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  • As Southern as Sweet Tea and Pecan Pie

    Enjoy life the Southern way.Dixie Seating Company has been making fine, American seating since 1931. We are located in the heartland of the furniture capital, right smack in the Piedmont of North Carolina. We like to think that rocking chairs are the symbol of hospitality. There really isn't anything like relaxing into a big rocker on the front porch and listening to the world go on around you. In fact, you can find our rockers being used at  welcome centers like the Jim Beam Distillery for just that reason. Since we know a thing or two about Southern hospitality, we thought we would offer up a few tips. If you ever find yourself south of the Mason-Dixon line, these will come in handy.


    When in Doubt, Wave

    This might be far fetched for our neighbors up North, but down here, we everyone. If you pass by someone on the road and they start waving at you, just smile, give a slight nod of the head and then wave back. You might even discover that this can make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. If you like that feeling, repeat the action as often as you want.


    251789_iced_tea     Sip Slowly

    We have to move a little more slowly down here, mainly because of the heat. But there is something to be said for taking the time to sit back, relax and reflect on the simplicity of life. So, no matter what your drink of choice (Sweat Tea or Mint Julep), sip slow and enjoy.


        Everything Starts With “The”

    If you are looking for directions, make sure you place a “the” in front of whichever establishment you are looking for. For example Walmart becomes “The Walmart” or BP might become “The BP.”


    Macaroni and Cheese Is a Vegetable1023239_macaroni

    Just go ahead and wrap your mind around this, but it is true. You might find yourself at a restaurant choosing from a selection of side vegetables that include mashed potatoes, hash brown casserole, and this cheesy delight. Down here a salad is an appetizer, not a meal!

    There you have it. A few tips on kicking it Southern style. If you ever find yourself down South, stop in! We’ll pour you a glass of sweet tea and shoot the breeze.

  • Our blog is up!

    The Dixie Seating Company Blog is up and running! We can't wait to start posting about design trends, DIY ideas, and other FUN stuff! Check back for new posts soon!

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