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  • Salute to J.H. Craver & Sons

    An industry leader and long-time friend, J.H. Craver & Sons, Inc. will be saying goodbye to the furniture industry this month. With a history that spans over a century, it is easy to say that JH Craver is a respected fixture in the furniture world. J.H. Craver has set the standard for hand-crafted furniture and is exactly what you think of when you think of American-made furniture. After over 100 years in the business they have chosen to close the door on this chapter of their lives and move on to a new chapter for their family. We wanted to thank them for their long-time commitment to manufacturing and supporting American-made goods.

    We would also like to welcome J.H. Craver customers to Dixie Seating Company, as some have found our furniture to be a close alternative to J.H. Craver’s wooden stools and chairs. Like J.H. Craver, Dixie Seating Company furniture is made in North Carolina from quality hardwoods. We assemble each piece by hand in our Statesville, North Carolina facility (just up the street from J.H. Craver’s facility in Yadkinville) the same way we’ve been doing it since 1931.

    Dixie Seating Company has some pieces that match up very well to J.H. Craver furniture and would make fantastic replacements. For example, J.H. Craver & Sons number 400 chair can be replaced by our No. 12 chair. Their number 218 counterstool and 230 barstool are very similar to our 1424 counterstool and 1430 barstool.  Their 824 square-top barstool can be replaced by our 324 square-top barstool and 724 barstool with our 1224 barstool.

    We salute J.H. Craver & Sons as they close their doors this month. Their dedication to quality American-made furniture and their presence in the industry will not soon be forgotten.

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  • Dixie Seating Company Attends Hotel, Motel and Restaurant Supply Show

    Last weekend we attended the Hotel, Motel and Restaurant Supply Show (HMRSSS) in Myrtle Beach. This was our first attendance to this show and were really excited to get to know more people in the hospitality industry. We have a long history with restaurants and bars. Chances are you have probably seen Dixie Seating Company products in many of your favorite eateries and drinking holes like Hooters, Mac’s Speed Shop and Shane’s BBQ. At this show were looking forward to making some new friends in the industry and to introduce our themed barstools collection. These pieces consist of Coastal, Western and Lodge Themed barstools, counterstools and side tables making them ideal for bars, restaurants, hotels, and boutique shops. It was a great show and we are happy to have walked away with more partnerships in the hospitality industry. themed barstools


    Woolrich collection


    We have made it easy to shop commercial with Dixie Seating Company. Visit our Shop Commercial page today to sign up to be a commercial dealer with DSC.

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