• Dixie Goes Back to School

    For many schools across the country, this last week is the first week of school. After what probably seemed like a short summer to the kids and what I’m sure what seemed like a long summer for parents, the buses are back on their route and school is in session.  At the Dixie Seating Company factory, we can almost set our watches by the school bell because just across the street (and over the railroad tracks) is Scotts Elementary School. Scotts is a small town just outside of Statesville, North Carolina and is one of those places where everybody knows just about everybody. The school has been in its same location for as long as our factory has been in place. We have even had factory workers that attended the school years ago in its original state as a high school. So, last school-year when the art teacher contacted us with a request for her art class it just made sense for us to participate.


    The Scotts Elementary School art teacher contacted the factory in January looking to see if we had any chairs that we could donate for a project for the art club. The art club took part in a semester-long project to work on painting their chairs in whatever colors or patterns they chose and at the end of the school year they had the option to paint their chairs for a school auction that would raise funds for the school or to paint a chair for a special teacher or staff member as a thank you for all their hard work. So we sent over the chairs and recieved updates on their progress all semester long.

    Dixie Seating Company


    The kids had fun working together, making art for others, and painting the chairs with bright colors and interesting patterns. The teachers are excited about having a piece of unique art made for them by their students. The chairs will brighten every classroom they are placed in.

    -Amanda Prevette, Art Teacher Scotts Elementary School


    The kids in the art club met every Friday to work on the chairs. Working on these chairs taught the kids teamwork and instilled in them a deep appreciation for the work that their teachers do each and every day. This project also expanded their creativity as they were allowed to choose the colors they wanted on the pieces of furniture and any patterns that they thought would compliment the style of the furniture. They had no limitations and were exposed to the idea that even something like a chair can be used to express your creative talents.

    Dixie Seating Company

    Just before the kids broke out for their summer break, we were invited over to the school to take a peek at their work. The kids were all out at their end of the school field day so it was very quiet through the halls of the school. There in the open, bright art-room sat a row of colorful, hand-painted chairs. With each chair you could see the detail that the students put into their work and how carefully they painted out their designs. From brilliant, vivid colors to patterns like stripes and polka dots each chair took on its own character. The art club students did such a good job painting all their chairs and we were proud to be a part of their project. To say thank you they gave us a chair painted especially for Dixie Seating Company.


    Looking for your own art project? Each of our products is available without a finish making them ideal for craft projects and personalization. If you have purchased one of our chairs in the past, send us a photo and you could see it posted on our site. Tag your photos with #DixieCrafts .

  • Classic Cars, Classic Chairs

    The first weekend of May welcomed in the second annual Pinehurst Concours d’ Elegance car show. Pinehurst Concours blends together history, heritage and grandeur showcasing classic automobiles and motorcycles from around the world against the backdrop of the legendary Pinehurst golf course.


    In the planning stages of its origin, the coordinators of Pinehurst Concours were searching for local seating manufacturers that carried this same mission for showcasing the classic and traditional. In their search for American-Made, North Carolina-Made rocking chairs, they came across Dixie Seating Company. Jay Howard, founder/president of JHE Production Group, the coordinating team behind the Concours event, reached out to us to see if we could come up with a special rocking chair for the event. He was impressed with the history and manufacturing of our product and also was interested in our Bob Timberlake collection.

    Pinehurst Collage2


    Bob Timberlake is a famed North Carolina artist and has been a partner of Dixie Seating Company for some time. He has lent his design skills to help craft our Bob Timberlake collection of chairs that is a rustic line. Jay Howard thought that this collection paired with the heritage of Pinehurst would make for the perfect set of rocking chairs to be featured by each car at the show.


    Howard explained, “Anyone that has been to a car show knows that they are going to see beautiful cars. The funny thing is that you walk up to these amazing automobiles and sitting right next to the cars are these plain-Jane, folding sports chairs that the owners sit in. You know, the kind you tailgate in. In planning this show, every detail counted and we wanted to have our owners relaxing in North Carolina’s best.”


    This partnership just made sense and since we could tell this show was going to be around for years to come, we wanted to be at the beginning of the tradition. So we worked with Jay to develop a Pinehurst Concours rocking chair from our Bob Timberlake collection that would sit by each car at the show.  We attended the show and got an up-close look at our cadillac of rocking chairs next to some of the world’s most famous automobiles. If you didn’t make it out to the show, make sure to mark your calendars for next year because you don’t want to miss this new North Carolina tradition.


    Check out some photos from the event at

  • The King's Kitchen: Changing the Charlotte Community One Bite at a Time


    In uptown Charlotte The King’s Kitchen is serving up delicious Southern cuisine to its diners and a heavy helping of community support. This not-for-profit restaurant has been fueling economic vitality and growing Charlotte’s center city by employing, training and ministering to the area’s much overlooked population. The King’s Kitchen truly believes that food feeds the soul. One hundred percent of all profits made at the restaurant go towards feeding the poor in the Charlotte region as well as the nation and the world.

    KingsKitchen collage

    With a commitment to support the Charlotte community in every aspect, Chef Noble also believes in the power of buying local and stocks The King’s Kitchen with local ingredients from the region. So when he looked at remodeling his restaurant with the best local furnishings he could find, he didn’t have to look farther than Statesville, North Carolina. The vision of The King’s Kitchen and their commitment to providing quality food and support to their local community matched our own mission.  Dixie Seating Company is proud to partner with Chef Noble and The King’s Kitchen to provide 100% American-Made seating for this outstanding organization.



    If you haven’t visited The King’s Kitchen yet, make sure you stop in for a delicious local southern meal that truly benefits our community. The King’s Kitchen is located at 129 West Trade Street Charlotte, North Carolina 28202.


  • Dixie Seating Company Attends Hotel, Motel and Restaurant Supply Show

    Last weekend we attended the Hotel, Motel and Restaurant Supply Show (HMRSSS) in Myrtle Beach. This was our first attendance to this show and were really excited to get to know more people in the hospitality industry. We have a long history with restaurants and bars. Chances are you have probably seen Dixie Seating Company products in many of your favorite eateries and drinking holes like Hooters, Mac’s Speed Shop and Shane’s BBQ. At this show were looking forward to making some new friends in the industry and to introduce our themed barstools collection. These pieces consist of Coastal, Western and Lodge Themed barstools, counterstools and side tables making them ideal for bars, restaurants, hotels, and boutique shops. It was a great show and we are happy to have walked away with more partnerships in the hospitality industry. themed barstools


    Woolrich collection


    We have made it easy to shop commercial with Dixie Seating Company. Visit our Shop Commercial page today to sign up to be a commercial dealer with DSC.

  • Bringing Back the Old Fashioned

    We may have mentioned this a time or two, but at Dixie Seating Company we like to make furniture the Old Fashioned way.  To us, old fashioned means taking the time to do something right, putting care into everything we do and being passionate about the products we make. We might have moved into the 21st Century with an eCommerce site and all the social doo-dads, but at heart we are a classic company that creates timeless pieces.


    It goes without saying that we like our drinks the way we like to make our chairs - the Old Fashioned way. Like many “old fashioned” ideas and ways of doing things, the Old Fashioned drink has been lost in time.  This once very popular drink has largely been left by the wayside, making room for the less artistic drinks of today (Think screwdrivers and vodka energy drinks). The Old Fashioned  is on it’s way back in, though. You can see it featured in the hit show Mad Men as Don Draper’s drink of choice. A classic Old Fashioned showcases a beautifully crafted cocktail made with simple ingredients that are blended together in just the right way.


    Here is our recipe for the perfect Old Fashioned. Mix one up the next time you are feeling a little “Old Fashioned” yourself:


    What you need:

    • 2 oz Bourbon
    • 2 dashes Angostura bitters (need to put a copyright symbol there)
    • 1 splash water
    • 1 to 2 sugar cubes
    • 1 maraschino cherry
    • 1 Orange Wedge
    • Muddler



    Place 1 or 2 sugar cubes, 1 maraschino cherry and 1 orange wedge in the bottom of your glass. Use a splash of warm water to help melt the sugar cube before you begin muddling. Once you have all these ingredients in the glass, use your muddler to make a paste of the sugar, cherry and orange. As you start to smash the ingredients together, make sure to notice the aroma that the ingredients create when mixed together. This smell is key to the taste of an Old Fashioned drink.


    Tip: This is a stiff drink and is what we like to call a “sipper” - meaning that you will be sipping on this drink for a while. Since it is so stiff, we recommend using 2 sugar cubes instead of 1.


    Next, remove the peel from the orange wedge and put to the side to add as a garnish after you have finished making the drink. Then, add 2 dashes of Angostura bitters to your mix. Start with 2, but we find that you may want to add a few more dashes (no more than 4).

    Once you have all the ingredients, measure 2 ounces of Bourbon and pour into the drink.  We used Labrot & Graham Woodford Reserve since it is the official bourbon of the Kentucky Derby, but any quality Bourbon will do. Add a splash of water to dilute the drink just a bit then add a few ice cubes. Mix the drink one last time to make sure all the ingredients are blended together. Finally, top off the the drink with your orange peel. 


    Tip: Twist the orange peel to give it a pretty spin before placing it in the drink for garnish.


    Enjoy making and drinking your Old Fashioned. You can taste the quality of a hand-crafted drink just like you can see and experience the quality of a hand-crafted chair. Dixie Seating Company reminds you to drink responsibly and to never drink and drive.

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