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    Back to School: Create a Fun Learning Space Just for the Kiddos!

    Summer is ending and the school bells are ringing! This month, kids all over the country are gearing up for another school year! Although you might be happy the kids will be heading back to a regular routine, most kids dread the beginning of school. The good news is that you can boost excitement in your home  by creating a fun learning space that is just for kids. Designing a designated area that invites your children to read, be creative and learn is not only exciting for kids but it is important to their development.

    Child Learning to Write

    Design With Kid-Size Furniture

    When putting together a designated learning, creative space for your children be sure to include kid-size furniture in your design plans. According to Kaplan Early Learning Company:

    "Being around furniture that is best suited for adults can cause children to be too dependent on adults to help them learn, explore, and move around. Incorporating child-sized furniture into your learning environment (a concept first introduced by Maria Montessori) will give children more access to learning materials and more opportunities to explore their environment."

    Using child-size furniture will also help children build self-confidence and become more independent, which is important for their overall growth and development

    Consider using a kids-sized rocking chair or a kids table and chair set in your learning space.

    Kids Furniture


    White Kids Furniture

    Design With Strategic Colors

    We all know that color is important to the learning development of children, however, did you know that there is a psychology in selecting strategic color palettes to boost learning levels? A strategic color palette can enhance the absorption of information and facilitate the thinking processPreschool and elementary school-kids react best to environments designed in warmer tones: oranges, yellows and reds. However, it is important to note that warmer tones can overstimulate so it is best to counterbalance these tones with calmer ones like blue. Or shoot for a multi-tasking color like green that provides the calm of blue with the creativity enhancing yellow.

    Color Swatches

    Texture Variation

    Using various textures in your learning space increases stimulation as kids are seeking constant change. Balance out your hard pieces like tables and chairs by introducing soft textiles such as rugs, blankets, pillows, cushions and curtains. A space that is diverse in textures will create a safe and comfortable learning environment that children will flourish in.

    Functionality Is Key

    Above all, make sure that the space is functional for your child. Consider adding organizational furnishings like cubby holes for them to store their creative materials as well as a designated completed homework folder or tray.

    Get the Kids Involved

    If you are thinking about designing a fun learning space for your kids, remember to get them involved. Allowing them to select their furnishings or pick out paint colors will foster a sense of ownership and responsibility that will serve them well throughout the school year and beyond.

    Have fun creating your learning space and we hope that this school year is the best one yet!

    kids furniture

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  • Dixie Goes Back to School

    For many schools across the country, this last week is the first week of school. After what probably seemed like a short summer to the kids and what I’m sure what seemed like a long summer for parents, the buses are back on their route and school is in session.  At the Dixie Seating Company factory, we can almost set our watches by the school bell because just across the street (and over the railroad tracks) is Scotts Elementary School. Scotts is a small town just outside of Statesville, North Carolina and is one of those places where everybody knows just about everybody. The school has been in its same location for as long as our factory has been in place. We have even had factory workers that attended the school years ago in its original state as a high school. So, last school-year when the art teacher contacted us with a request for her art class it just made sense for us to participate.


    The Scotts Elementary School art teacher contacted the factory in January looking to see if we had any chairs that we could donate for a project for the art club. The art club took part in a semester-long project to work on painting their chairs in whatever colors or patterns they chose and at the end of the school year they had the option to paint their chairs for a school auction that would raise funds for the school or to paint a chair for a special teacher or staff member as a thank you for all their hard work. So we sent over the chairs and recieved updates on their progress all semester long.

    Dixie Seating Company


    The kids had fun working together, making art for others, and painting the chairs with bright colors and interesting patterns. The teachers are excited about having a piece of unique art made for them by their students. The chairs will brighten every classroom they are placed in.

    -Amanda Prevette, Art Teacher Scotts Elementary School


    The kids in the art club met every Friday to work on the chairs. Working on these chairs taught the kids teamwork and instilled in them a deep appreciation for the work that their teachers do each and every day. This project also expanded their creativity as they were allowed to choose the colors they wanted on the pieces of furniture and any patterns that they thought would compliment the style of the furniture. They had no limitations and were exposed to the idea that even something like a chair can be used to express your creative talents.

    Dixie Seating Company

    Just before the kids broke out for their summer break, we were invited over to the school to take a peek at their work. The kids were all out at their end of the school field day so it was very quiet through the halls of the school. There in the open, bright art-room sat a row of colorful, hand-painted chairs. With each chair you could see the detail that the students put into their work and how carefully they painted out their designs. From brilliant, vivid colors to patterns like stripes and polka dots each chair took on its own character. The art club students did such a good job painting all their chairs and we were proud to be a part of their project. To say thank you they gave us a chair painted especially for Dixie Seating Company.


    Looking for your own art project? Each of our products is available without a finish making them ideal for craft projects and personalization. If you have purchased one of our chairs in the past, send us a photo and you could see it posted on our site. Tag your photos with #DixieCrafts .

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