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  • Dixie Seating Company in Maine

    Trip to Maine, USA

    I think at times, we here at Dixie Seating Company forget that the products that we manufacture are actually used in the real world.  On a recent trip to New England, I was reminded of how Dixie Seating Company products have become part of the landscape in this beautiful region of the United States.  Throughout Maine, from Bar Harbor to Belfast, Kennebunk to Portland, our restaurant seating can be seen in some of the most sought-after dining locations. Whether you stop by  Chase’s Daily in Belfast for the fresh farm-to-table vegetarian fare or grab a seat at The Thirsty WhaleTavern in Bar Harbor for their famous lobster rolls; it is likely that you will be sitting atop a Dixie Seating Company barstool or dining chair while you enjoy your meal.

    Chase's Daily Restaurant - Belfast, Maine Chase's Daily Restaurant - Belfast, Maine
    The Thirsty Whale Tavern - Bar Harbor, Maine The Thirsty Whale Tavern - Bar Harbor, Maine

    In speaking to the owners, employees and managers at these locations, it is apparent that the same pride and effort that we put into making our chairs, is equally matched  these restaurants and the work they do.

    Trip to Maine

    From locally sourced farm-to-table establishments to a Mexican and American cuisine, each restaurant has a passion to deliver quality which is a sentiment we are very familiar with.  While you may see a few chairs that look pretty old, many restaurants have over twenty years of service, you sense the real culture that these locations display in making their establishments fantastic places to eat.

    Family eating at restaurant in Maine Maine attracts international visitors from all over the world.


    While traveling Maine, I took notice of the many fine Bed and Breakfast locations as well as historic inns which dominate the hospitality and lodging choices in Maine. Dixie Seating Company has just reached an agreement with the Select Registry, a prominent group of distinguished inns in North America to be an Associate Member and exclusive supplier to these local locations. It was a wonderful opportunity to see how perfectly befitting Dixie Seating Company’s timeless products would complement these properties.

    Select Registry Member Historic Bed and Breakfast Inns are the heart of Maine.


    Maine is beautiful and charming. As contemporary American realist painter, Jamie Wyeth said, “There's a quality of life in Maine which is this singular and unique. I think. It's absolutely a world onto itself.” It is such an honor to have pieces of our passion and hard work entwined in the tapestry of this beautiful state.


    Dirk Baker

    President, Dixie Seating Company

  • New Year, Better Quality

    The NewYear is the perfect time to hit the reset button on our lives. It is a time for clearing out the old and making way for the new opportunities that await us. This is the time that many people around the world are making resolutions of change in hopes of working on making their lives better. At Dixie Seating Company, we don’t believe in making resolutions but rather making solid commitments and goals. We have always carried a strong commitment to providing top-notch quality products and service, but in 2016 we are making it a goal to further that commitment by further improving on our products.

    New Woven Seat

    Over the last few months we have been hard at work developing a better technique for manufacturing our woven seats for products like our No. 7 series of Boone Ladderback Chairs and Barstools or the No. 2 series of Elizabeth Chairs and Barstools. In developing a better woven seat, we also discovered that we could improve on the frame to provide better support for the seat and an updated look that we know you are going to love. We are excited to introduce our new line of products featuring this new and improved seat as well as the updated frame.

    No. 2 Dining Chair with Old Seat Close Up No. 2 Dining Chair with Old Woven Seat
    No. 2 Dining Chair with Old Seat No. 2 Dining Chair with Old Seat

    These seats and frames can be found in the No. 2, No. 7, No. 33, No. 4 and the No. 12 series of dining chairs, counterstools and barstools. In planning for a better design we have also improved the quality of the structure itself. The foundation of the seat now features a solid piece of Medium Density Fiber Board (MDF). This piece of MDF provides enhanced support to the entire seat extending the life of the product as a whole.


    New Seat MDF Frame The woven seats have an updated foundation of a Medium Density Fiberboard. This creates a stronger structure for the seat.

    Around the MDF foundation we have replaced the weaving portion of the seat from a sea-grass  to a two-tone twisted kraft paper. The two-toned paper fiber is a continuously twisted sheet (3 pieces twisted together) making a stronger and tighter weave throughout the seat and also creating a multi-dimensional style to the look of the seat.

    No. 33 Dining Chair with New Seat No. 33 Dining Chair with New Seat
    No. 33 Dining Chair with New Seat No. 33 Dining Chair with New Seat
    Old Woven Seat and New Woven Seat Old Woven Seat (on left) and New Woven Seat (on right).

    As Maya Angelou once said, “If you don’t like something, change it!.” We weren’t loving our old woven seats and felt we could do better, so we worked hard to figure out a better design. It is important to always be changing and growing. Change can be a good thing and our new seats are full of new updates that we are proud to introduce to our customers.

    New Woven Seat Infographic


  • Dixie Seating Company Attends Hotel, Motel and Restaurant Supply Show

    Last weekend we attended the Hotel, Motel and Restaurant Supply Show (HMRSSS) in Myrtle Beach. This was our first attendance to this show and were really excited to get to know more people in the hospitality industry. We have a long history with restaurants and bars. Chances are you have probably seen Dixie Seating Company products in many of your favorite eateries and drinking holes like Hooters, Mac’s Speed Shop and Shane’s BBQ. At this show were looking forward to making some new friends in the industry and to introduce our themed barstools collection. These pieces consist of Coastal, Western and Lodge Themed barstools, counterstools and side tables making them ideal for bars, restaurants, hotels, and boutique shops. It was a great show and we are happy to have walked away with more partnerships in the hospitality industry. themed barstools


    Woolrich collection


    We have made it easy to shop commercial with Dixie Seating Company. Visit our Shop Commercial page today to sign up to be a commercial dealer with DSC.

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