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  • Style Your Porch Like a Pro

    The weather is warming up and the sunshine is out! It’s the time of year to spruce up your outdoor seating areas, preparing an inviting space to welcome your family and friends. If you have ever imagined of creating your dream gathering space but just didn’t know how to pull it off then you have come to the right place. A few weeks ago, Dixie Seating Company partnered with professional stylist Kathryn Godwin of Studio Cultivate to put together a styled shoot to bring you tips and design advice so you can style your porch like a pro.

    Styled to Perfection Styled to Perfection

    Seating Accommodations

    Start by taking a good look at your gathering place and thinking about the needs you have for seating. Measuring the space to see what furniture and seating pieces you can accommodate is a must. You will want to measure the depth and width of your porch or seating area and then can work on a layout to imagine where each seating piece will fit.

    Multi-Functional Pieces

    It is ideal to utilize pieces of furniture that have multiple functionality. For example, footstools that can function as seating and benches that double as tables. Pulling in multi-functional pieces will create a more utilitarian gathering space making it more practical for everyday use and more operational for when you have larger groups of guests.

    Footstools can be used for seating. Footstools can be used for seating.
    Use benches as tables! Use benches as tables!



    When looking to introduce color to your space, look to adding cushions and tie in the color through an outdoor rug and even flowering plants. If you have red cushions, find a rug that has a hint of red in the weaving, a couple red pots, and add red geraniums potted and gathered around your seating area. Carrying a color through all elements on a porch helps to pull it together and create an inviting, cozy space.


    Porch Swing Color Play!

    pops of color


    Decide the style of vibe you want your porch to have. Do you want a touch of rustic? Then look for lanterns that have rope handles, add a woven rug and straw baskets. Add wildflowers and softer green plants like lavender, daisies, and trailing vines Feeling a little more modern? Find contemporary lanterns with clean lines and minimal decor elements, chose and outdoor rug that has a geometric pattern. Perhaps look to plants that can be trimmed clean and have a different vibe- boxwoods, mondo grass, add white gravel stones to pots or surrounding the patio area, or go with succulents if you're in the right climate!

    Sticking to these professional style-guides and design tips will help guide you as you begin to work or update your outdoor space. Still feeling stuck? Godwin suggests making your porch or patio area feel like an extension of your interior home.

    As Spring turns to Summer, this is the best time to prep your outdoor space for entertaining or even al fresco dining just as couple for a simple little romantic evening. Simple ways you can make your space feeling cozier and want to be outdoors more are by adding textiles and soft elements- consider adding cushions to your seating. Find a complimentary outdoor rug. Neutral throws always make a great addition for evenings when the temperature dips. Add candles or string lights for a glimmering warm glow as it gets dark. If various insects are a concern, think of adding some plants that are natural insect repellants like lavender, marigolds, peppermint, and chrysanthemum.“

    Style Like a Pro! Style Like a Pro!

    Happy Styling!


    Photography by: Laura Sumrak

    Styling by: Studio Cultivate 

    Furniture: Dixie Seating Company

    Plants: Oakdale Greenhouses

  • High Point Market Show Space Makeover!



    This week we are getting ready to show at the Internationally famous High Point Market trade show in High Point, NC. We are really excited about the show this fall because we are rolling out a newly designed show space. To get the look we wanted we reached out to designer/artist Kathryn Godwin to help us create a showroom that reflects the qualities that we are most proud of in our products: hand-made and comfortable. For a few weeks now we have been meeting with Kathryn to lay-out the design specs and have taken some trips to awesome antique stores  like North Carolina’s famous Cline’s Country Antiques to gather items to use within the space. Kathryn was the perfect match for our company because like each of our products, all of Kathryn’s designs are made by hand and are carefully crafted.


    We wanted to share a sneak peek into the set-up of the design and some how-to tips for some DIY projects you can take on to spice up a room in your home.  The design plans included building a temporary porch structure with a tin roof, hand-painted canvases to warm the all-white space up and display platforms made from shipping pallets. The canvases are a great solution to adding color and texture to a plain room. Hang one of these canvases in a dorm room or apartment space in which you aren't allowed to change the paint color of the room to create a crafty, shabby chic look.



    Supplies for Canvas:


    -Painters Tape

    -Paint Brushes

    -Canvas Drop Cloth

    -Plastic Drop Cloth (to protect flooring)



    Once you have chosen your colors, mark off your stripe design with the painter’s tape. Start painting each stripe in the coordinating colors. Let the canvas dry for a couple of hours then apply a second coat if needed. remove the tape and dry brush the edges of the stripes to make the colors blend in together.

    Tip:  Cut the edges of the canvas and pull to create frayed edges for a softer look


    Tip: Splatter paint the canvas for a contemporary look


    Have fun with this project, it is easy and simple. If you mess up don’t worry! This is art and sometimes art is messy.  If you decide to splatter paint your canvas, use the end of a paint stick to create the perfect splatter look without all the splatter mess.

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