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  • DIY - Christmas Tablescape Decor

    It’s the beginning of December and Christmas is just a few weeks away! We patiently waited all through November to honor the Thanksgiving season and as much as we love fall and the fall decor there is just something so magical about the Christmas season that has us bursting with excitement to get out our red and green decor.

    DIY Christmas Tablescape Decor

    Trends this season for yuletide decor are centering around the dining room, bringing an emphasis to gathering around the table. The idea of bringing friends, family and loved ones together to break bread and share in each other’s love is such a beautiful sentiment to us. Some of our favorite Christmas memories and probably many of yours, are steeped in experiences shared around the dining table. We remember moments of laughter, warm hugs and stolen bites of Christmas cakes before dinner; all wrapped up in that genuine good feeling you get when you are surrounded by the people who love you the most.

    We are extremely excited that the dining table is getting to share a little spotlight with the Christmas tree this year and so we put together a little DIY on adding a little spice to your dining chairs and table-top decor this Christmas season.

    Put Some Holly in your Jolly

    No need to purchase expensive garland, add a touch of green to your space by decorating with Holly branches. These spiky leaves star in many holiday songs but they provide a charming addition to your seasonal decor. For our tablescape, we simply snuck out to the back yard and snipped a few branches. If you don’t have any Holly bushes at your house, check with your local florist on purchasing a few branches or ask a friendly neighbor if they don’t mind you “borrowing” from their bushes. Borrowing from a neighbor? Say thank you by putting together a little Holly branch arrangement or wreath.

    Decorate Your Table With Holly

    Strands of Berry Garland

    There are some traditional decorations that just never go out of style. We particularly love the old-school strings of cranberry garland. To make, you will need a thread (or dental floss), a needle and fresh cranberries. Tie a knot at the end of your thread and use your threaded needle to pierce the center of each cranberry to make a complete string of garland. Make the garland as long as you would like. If you aren’t as interested in using cranberries but love the look, you can purchase berry-inspired garland that is made of wooden beads.

    Decorating for Christmas

    Berry Inspired Garland

    Dining Chair Flair

    Bring the whole look together by adding a little holiday flair to your dining chairs. To do this, you will need scissors, Holly branches (or any greenery of your choice) and ribbon. Measure and cut the length of ribbon that you need to tie around the top of your dining chair and make a bow. Make a small, symmetrical arrangement of Holly branches or greenery. Center arrangement at the top panel of your dining chair and tie the ribbon around it and secure with a bow in the center. Fold the ends of your ribbon and snip a little triangle in the center to create a more finished look.

    Ladder back Dining Chair

    Items Needed for Decorating Your Chair

    Decorate Your Dining Chair for Christmas

    And there you have it - a simply but cheerfully decorated Christmas dining table! We hope that this Christmas season is full of love, happiness and good tidings for you and your family.

    Photos: Laura Sumrak; @laurasumrak

    Styling: Studio Cultivate; @studiocultivate

    Chairs: Dixie Seating Company; @dixieseatingcompany

  • Timeless Tradition and Quality

    100 percent premium quality


    Dixie Seating Company has been around since the 1930s and we are still making our products using the same methods. These methods might seem time-consuming for some manufacturers, but for Dixie Seating Company these methods are the foundation that create the high-quality of products that we supply. We recently received an email from a customer about a set of children’s chairs that have been in their family since the 1950s that proves that these time-honored methods leads to timeless quality.


    “I've had these chairs since I was a kid in the late 50s.  My daughter used them, and now my grand-daughter is going to use them.They are very well made and are still very solid. I found a stamping on the bottom that looks like DIXIE SEATING CO N.C, and has what looks like the number 78-41 1/4.If you made these, could you give any info you have, like when they were made? I'm refinishing them and they will become family heirlooms to be passed on for future generations.”

    Dixie Seating Company Chairs from 1950sDixie Seating Company Stamp on Chairs from 1950s


    Mr. Ken Roy and his wife sent us this email along with photos of the products he was referring to back in August. They were preparing to refinish their collection of Dixie Seating Company childrens chairs for their granddaughter. It is not uncommon for us to receive messages similar to Mr. Roy’s and it is always a delight! Knowing that our hard work and passion to create quality products is being enjoyed by families from all over the United States is extremely satisfying.

    Our owner, Dirk Baker sent the following reply:

    “Thank you for the photos and the kind words about Dixie Seating products.  We do obviously build our items to last and you are proof of that.  As best we can tell the chair and child rocker are from the late 40’s to 50’s.  One of the neat things is that the construction methods that we use today mirror the methods found in your pieces including interlocking, swelled-joint construction.  The wood was mostly red oak and possibly had poplar backs and the he stretchers between the legs are most likely made of hickory.

    We would suggest a light sanding prior to finishing and then applying a sealer or primer coat,  followed by a light sanding and then top coating the pieces.  I would love to receive a photo of  the finished items when you get done and would appreciate the opportunity to post a before and after picture.   

    As you probably saw on our site, we still manufacture these products in Statesville, NC and use only domestic woods and finishes. Thanks again for reaching out to us.”

    Below are the images of Mr. Roy’s refinished chairs. It is heart-warming to hear that a customer has been so satisfied with their products for several years and through multiple generations that they are willing to put a little love and work back into the product to keep it for generations to come. Every piece that comes out of our factory is made with the hope and intention that your family will enjoy it for years just as Mr. Roy’s family has.

     Kids chairs from 1950s

  • Back to School

    Back to School: Create a Fun Learning Space Just for the Kiddos!

    Summer is ending and the school bells are ringing! This month, kids all over the country are gearing up for another school year! Although you might be happy the kids will be heading back to a regular routine, most kids dread the beginning of school. The good news is that you can boost excitement in your home  by creating a fun learning space that is just for kids. Designing a designated area that invites your children to read, be creative and learn is not only exciting for kids but it is important to their development.

    Child Learning to Write

    Design With Kid-Size Furniture

    When putting together a designated learning, creative space for your children be sure to include kid-size furniture in your design plans. According to Kaplan Early Learning Company:

    "Being around furniture that is best suited for adults can cause children to be too dependent on adults to help them learn, explore, and move around. Incorporating child-sized furniture into your learning environment (a concept first introduced by Maria Montessori) will give children more access to learning materials and more opportunities to explore their environment."

    Using child-size furniture will also help children build self-confidence and become more independent, which is important for their overall growth and development

    Consider using a kids-sized rocking chair or a kids table and chair set in your learning space.

    Kids Furniture


    White Kids Furniture

    Design With Strategic Colors

    We all know that color is important to the learning development of children, however, did you know that there is a psychology in selecting strategic color palettes to boost learning levels? A strategic color palette can enhance the absorption of information and facilitate the thinking processPreschool and elementary school-kids react best to environments designed in warmer tones: oranges, yellows and reds. However, it is important to note that warmer tones can overstimulate so it is best to counterbalance these tones with calmer ones like blue. Or shoot for a multi-tasking color like green that provides the calm of blue with the creativity enhancing yellow.

    Color Swatches

    Texture Variation

    Using various textures in your learning space increases stimulation as kids are seeking constant change. Balance out your hard pieces like tables and chairs by introducing soft textiles such as rugs, blankets, pillows, cushions and curtains. A space that is diverse in textures will create a safe and comfortable learning environment that children will flourish in.

    Functionality Is Key

    Above all, make sure that the space is functional for your child. Consider adding organizational furnishings like cubby holes for them to store their creative materials as well as a designated completed homework folder or tray.

    Get the Kids Involved

    If you are thinking about designing a fun learning space for your kids, remember to get them involved. Allowing them to select their furnishings or pick out paint colors will foster a sense of ownership and responsibility that will serve them well throughout the school year and beyond.

    Have fun creating your learning space and we hope that this school year is the best one yet!

    kids furniture

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  • The King's Kitchen Patio Update

    The King's Kitchen Patio gets an update! The King's Kitchen Patio gets an update!

    Located in the heart of uptown Charlotte, King’s Kitchen pays homage to the Southern cuisine while also giving back to the community. Established in 2010, The King’s Kitchen is managed by Jim Noble Restaurants and donates 100% of profits from sales to feed the poor in the Charlotte region. Additionally, The King’s Kitchen partners with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Dream Center and other local area ministries to provide job-training, life-skills training, social etiquette workshops, financial management guidance and employment intern opportunities to Charlotteans in search of a new beginning.

    King's Kitchen - Dixie Seating Company Chairs

    Dixie Seating Company has had a strong partnership with King’s Kitchen for the past few years. If you have ever visited their restaurant and enjoyed a delicious meal then you have sat in our Dixie Seating dining chairs. Recently, the restaurant decided to revamp their outdoor patio and once again, they looked to us for their seating needs.

    King's Kitchen Patio
    We stopped by to see the final look of the patio and were so happy with the outcome. Check out our products outside on the King’s Kitchen patio and if you haven’t eaten their food, make sure you stop in for a bite!

    King's Kitchen Patio

    King's Kitchen Patio

  • Get Your Red, White and Blue On!

    Memorial Day weekend is coming up, so we put together some design inspiration to help you get your red, white and blue on! Fire-up those grills and bust out the cold brews ---- this Memorial Day BBQ just got real!

    Memorial Day Decorating

    Cranberry is the New Red

    Looking to incorporate some patriotic hues into your Memorial Day decor? Try using a cranberry finish as your ruby red tone versus the traditional reds. This classic wood finish has a beautiful deep red undertone that says “red” without being literal. This fresh twist on the classic will have your party guests singing your praises as a clever decorator. Introducing cranberry as your red alternative gives you the functionality to use your furniture year-round instead of putting it out just a few times per year for special holidays. Add a blue and white throw pillow or cushion to really pull together that celebratory look.

    Cherry Finish - The New Red Cranberry is the New Red

    Cherry Finish Furniture

    A Bunting We Will Go

    Banners and bunting make for adorable backdrops. For a more versatile decor option, use patriotic paper-placemats to create your bunting. Simply fold a circular placemat in-half, place over a strand of twine and secure in place with wooden clothespins -- no gluing or cutting necessary!  Use extra placemats for tabletop decor.

    bunting-up-close--2- bunting-up-close-

    Patriotic Plants

    Pull in plants with red, white and blue petals to take your Memorial Day decorating to the next level. Adding plants to any party brings in life and warmth to the event space. Plus, when the party is over, you will be left with plants to enjoy all summer long!
    Use plants for additional decor

    red white and blue furniture

    Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend!

    Shop our Memorial Day Sale: Friday May 27 through Tuesday May 31 - Save 20% site-wide.


    Photography: Laura Sumrak

    Styling: Studio Cultivate 

    Furniture: Dixie Seating Company

  • New Year, Better Quality

    The NewYear is the perfect time to hit the reset button on our lives. It is a time for clearing out the old and making way for the new opportunities that await us. This is the time that many people around the world are making resolutions of change in hopes of working on making their lives better. At Dixie Seating Company, we don’t believe in making resolutions but rather making solid commitments and goals. We have always carried a strong commitment to providing top-notch quality products and service, but in 2016 we are making it a goal to further that commitment by further improving on our products.

    New Woven Seat

    Over the last few months we have been hard at work developing a better technique for manufacturing our woven seats for products like our No. 7 series of Boone Ladderback Chairs and Barstools or the No. 2 series of Elizabeth Chairs and Barstools. In developing a better woven seat, we also discovered that we could improve on the frame to provide better support for the seat and an updated look that we know you are going to love. We are excited to introduce our new line of products featuring this new and improved seat as well as the updated frame.

    No. 2 Dining Chair with Old Seat Close Up No. 2 Dining Chair with Old Woven Seat
    No. 2 Dining Chair with Old Seat No. 2 Dining Chair with Old Seat

    These seats and frames can be found in the No. 2, No. 7, No. 33, No. 4 and the No. 12 series of dining chairs, counterstools and barstools. In planning for a better design we have also improved the quality of the structure itself. The foundation of the seat now features a solid piece of Medium Density Fiber Board (MDF). This piece of MDF provides enhanced support to the entire seat extending the life of the product as a whole.


    New Seat MDF Frame The woven seats have an updated foundation of a Medium Density Fiberboard. This creates a stronger structure for the seat.

    Around the MDF foundation we have replaced the weaving portion of the seat from a sea-grass  to a two-tone twisted kraft paper. The two-toned paper fiber is a continuously twisted sheet (3 pieces twisted together) making a stronger and tighter weave throughout the seat and also creating a multi-dimensional style to the look of the seat.

    No. 33 Dining Chair with New Seat No. 33 Dining Chair with New Seat
    No. 33 Dining Chair with New Seat No. 33 Dining Chair with New Seat
    Old Woven Seat and New Woven Seat Old Woven Seat (on left) and New Woven Seat (on right).

    As Maya Angelou once said, “If you don’t like something, change it!.” We weren’t loving our old woven seats and felt we could do better, so we worked hard to figure out a better design. It is important to always be changing and growing. Change can be a good thing and our new seats are full of new updates that we are proud to introduce to our customers.

    New Woven Seat Infographic


  • Classic Cars, Classic Chairs

    The first weekend of May welcomed in the second annual Pinehurst Concours d’ Elegance car show. Pinehurst Concours blends together history, heritage and grandeur showcasing classic automobiles and motorcycles from around the world against the backdrop of the legendary Pinehurst golf course.


    In the planning stages of its origin, the coordinators of Pinehurst Concours were searching for local seating manufacturers that carried this same mission for showcasing the classic and traditional. In their search for American-Made, North Carolina-Made rocking chairs, they came across Dixie Seating Company. Jay Howard, founder/president of JHE Production Group, the coordinating team behind the Concours event, reached out to us to see if we could come up with a special rocking chair for the event. He was impressed with the history and manufacturing of our product and also was interested in our Bob Timberlake collection.

    Pinehurst Collage2


    Bob Timberlake is a famed North Carolina artist and has been a partner of Dixie Seating Company for some time. He has lent his design skills to help craft our Bob Timberlake collection of chairs that is a rustic line. Jay Howard thought that this collection paired with the heritage of Pinehurst would make for the perfect set of rocking chairs to be featured by each car at the show.


    Howard explained, “Anyone that has been to a car show knows that they are going to see beautiful cars. The funny thing is that you walk up to these amazing automobiles and sitting right next to the cars are these plain-Jane, folding sports chairs that the owners sit in. You know, the kind you tailgate in. In planning this show, every detail counted and we wanted to have our owners relaxing in North Carolina’s best.”


    This partnership just made sense and since we could tell this show was going to be around for years to come, we wanted to be at the beginning of the tradition. So we worked with Jay to develop a Pinehurst Concours rocking chair from our Bob Timberlake collection that would sit by each car at the show.  We attended the show and got an up-close look at our cadillac of rocking chairs next to some of the world’s most famous automobiles. If you didn’t make it out to the show, make sure to mark your calendars for next year because you don’t want to miss this new North Carolina tradition.


    Check out some photos from the event at


  • Salute to J.H. Craver & Sons

    An industry leader and long-time friend, J.H. Craver & Sons, Inc. will be saying goodbye to the furniture industry this month. With a history that spans over a century, it is easy to say that JH Craver is a respected fixture in the furniture world. J.H. Craver has set the standard for hand-crafted furniture and is exactly what you think of when you think of American-made furniture. After over 100 years in the business they have chosen to close the door on this chapter of their lives and move on to a new chapter for their family. We wanted to thank them for their long-time commitment to manufacturing and supporting American-made goods.

    We would also like to welcome J.H. Craver customers to Dixie Seating Company, as some have found our furniture to be a close alternative to J.H. Craver’s wooden stools and chairs. Like J.H. Craver, Dixie Seating Company furniture is made in North Carolina from quality hardwoods. We assemble each piece by hand in our Statesville, North Carolina facility (just up the street from J.H. Craver’s facility in Yadkinville) the same way we’ve been doing it since 1931.

    Dixie Seating Company has some pieces that match up very well to J.H. Craver furniture and would make fantastic replacements. For example, J.H. Craver & Sons number 400 chair can be replaced by our No. 12 chair. Their number 218 counterstool and 230 barstool are very similar to our 1424 counterstool and 1430 barstool.  Their 824 square-top barstool can be replaced by our 324 square-top barstool and 724 barstool with our 1224 barstool.

    We salute J.H. Craver & Sons as they close their doors this month. Their dedication to quality American-made furniture and their presence in the industry will not soon be forgotten.

    compaire squareround compareJH Craver V. DixieDSC v. JHC

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