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  • CCCA Camps Conference - Nashville

    Dixie Seating Company has been partnering with camps across the United States as their preferred manufacturer for quality seating. Camps see hundreds of kids in and out of their facilities year after year, season after season - having quality seating that can stand the test of time is not only important but provides savings to these camps over time.

    Camp Chairs


    “We love your chairs! They stand up to thousands of teenagers using them throughout the summer!”

    - Deb Kohler, Castaway Club Young Life Camp

    Dining Hall Dining Hall

    This November we are gearing up to attend the Christian Camp and Conference Association (CCCA) National Conference - All In on November 29 through December 2. Attending these conferences gets us really excited because it is a chance for us to connect directly with camp planners and organizers and display our top-notch products. The theme for this year’s conference is “All In” and that aligns so perfectly with what we do at Dixie Seating Company. Our passion is making quality products that will last for generations. We put time and effort into perfecting the craft we love and are 100% committed to the quality of our brand experience.


    There is a special place in our hearts for the camps we work with. Camps have a real impact on fostering personal growth for kids of all ages and that impact stays with kids into adulthood. It is such an amazing opportunity to have our chairs in these places where big things are happening! We like to imagine that as kids are having discussions about their lives with counselors or laughing at a joke one of their friends told that they are having these experiences while seated on a Dixie Seating Company dining chair, bench or rocking chair.

    Our rocking chairs are ideal for kids to lounge in while they relax during some downtime. Ladderback chairs with slat seats are perfect for dining rooms and are stackable offering the option to create space where it is needed when meals are not happening. The design of our chairs allow for maximum efficiency in sitting large groups in tight areas, making them perfect for high traffic areas.

    blue rocking chair

    ladderback chair

    If you are attending the CCCA conference in Nashville, we want to meet you! Stop by our booth to find out more about our products. We will have a few of our products on display for you to interact with so that you can experience the Dixie difference. Looking to order for your upcoming camp season? Take advantage of our special CCCA conference offer available just for attendees of the conference and enter to win products.

  • Timeless Tradition and Quality

    100 percent premium quality


    Dixie Seating Company has been around since the 1930s and we are still making our products using the same methods. These methods might seem time-consuming for some manufacturers, but for Dixie Seating Company these methods are the foundation that create the high-quality of products that we supply. We recently received an email from a customer about a set of children’s chairs that have been in their family since the 1950s that proves that these time-honored methods leads to timeless quality.


    “I've had these chairs since I was a kid in the late 50s.  My daughter used them, and now my grand-daughter is going to use them.They are very well made and are still very solid. I found a stamping on the bottom that looks like DIXIE SEATING CO N.C, and has what looks like the number 78-41 1/4.If you made these, could you give any info you have, like when they were made? I'm refinishing them and they will become family heirlooms to be passed on for future generations.”

    Dixie Seating Company Chairs from 1950sDixie Seating Company Stamp on Chairs from 1950s


    Mr. Ken Roy and his wife sent us this email along with photos of the products he was referring to back in August. They were preparing to refinish their collection of Dixie Seating Company childrens chairs for their granddaughter. It is not uncommon for us to receive messages similar to Mr. Roy’s and it is always a delight! Knowing that our hard work and passion to create quality products is being enjoyed by families from all over the United States is extremely satisfying.

    Our owner, Dirk Baker sent the following reply:

    “Thank you for the photos and the kind words about Dixie Seating products.  We do obviously build our items to last and you are proof of that.  As best we can tell the chair and child rocker are from the late 40’s to 50’s.  One of the neat things is that the construction methods that we use today mirror the methods found in your pieces including interlocking, swelled-joint construction.  The wood was mostly red oak and possibly had poplar backs and the he stretchers between the legs are most likely made of hickory.

    We would suggest a light sanding prior to finishing and then applying a sealer or primer coat,  followed by a light sanding and then top coating the pieces.  I would love to receive a photo of  the finished items when you get done and would appreciate the opportunity to post a before and after picture.   

    As you probably saw on our site, we still manufacture these products in Statesville, NC and use only domestic woods and finishes. Thanks again for reaching out to us.”

    Below are the images of Mr. Roy’s refinished chairs. It is heart-warming to hear that a customer has been so satisfied with their products for several years and through multiple generations that they are willing to put a little love and work back into the product to keep it for generations to come. Every piece that comes out of our factory is made with the hope and intention that your family will enjoy it for years just as Mr. Roy’s family has.

     Kids chairs from 1950s

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