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  • Let's Go to Camp

    Summertime is just around the corner and for many kids that means camp season is almost here! School is ending, the weather is warming up and camps across the nation are gearing up for an adventurous summer. This year, more than 11 million kids will pack up their bags and head to various camps all over the United States. In preparation for this large number of summer-long guests, camp staff members work to plan exciting activities and coordinate housing and dining arrangements to create a memorable experience.

    Camps like Young Life, Camp Grier and High Rocks have been working with Dixie Seating Company for years to provide quality seating and tables that will stand the pressure of hundreds of campers coming back year after year. Whether it is a collection of rocking chairs used on the front porches of cabins or dining chairs for the cafeteria, these camps know that the chairs have to have two qualities: comfort and durability. The camps we have been working with love our chairs because they provide both of these qualities and they know that all Dixie Seating Company products are Made In America.

    Having a quality product that you know is hand-made is important. Selecting furniture that is commercial grade and will hold up summer after summer is what keeps the camps we work with happy.

    “We love your chairs! They stand up to thousands of teenagers using them throughout the summer!”
    - Deb Kohler, Castaway Club Young Life Camp

    Camps 1

    Dixie Seating Company takes it one step further by providing outstanding customer service. We take the time to understand the needs of each camp that we work with so that we can help provide the most appropriate product.

    “We understand that camps operate with fixed budgets in any given year and are flexible in providing the best possible cost for the duration of the project. We accept orders early in the year and hold the shipments until the camps are ready for the products. No job is too big or too small. We ship as few as 2 chairs to as many as 1,000 chairs to any location.”

    - Dirk Baker, President Dixie Seating Company

    Another unique service we provide is the option for engraving. We have the ability to engrave any logo on our chairs which in turn builds camp spirit and makes the product uniquely branded for each camp. Services like this paired with our quality product keeps camps satisfied and gives them one less thing to worry about when they are preparing for busy summers.

    Our products are very versatile as well. Because all of our products are finished in a catalyzed varnish, this makes them ready for indoor or “covered porch” use. Camps like the versatility because it gives them options without having to buy several different types of chairs.

    “We use Dixie Seating Company chairs in our Dining Hall. We also use your chairs for an outdoor meal we refer to as Big Table. “  - Deb Kohler Camps 2

    Our rocking chairs are ideal for kids to lounge in while they relax during some downtime. Ladderback chairs with slat seats are perfect for dining rooms and are stackable offering the option to create space where it is needed when meals are not happening. The design of our chairs allow for maximum efficiency in sitting large groups in tight areas, making them perfect for high traffic areas.

    So if you are planning and prepping for this camp season, take care of your seating needs with Dixie Seating Company. For more information on our top products for camps please visit www.dixieseating.com or call 704.585.2992. Let’s Go To Camp!

  • DIY No-Sew Rocking Chair Seat Cushion

    Our American-Made, handcrafted rockers are perfect for any front porch or living space. As comfortable as our rockers are made by design, nothing beats a good seat cushion for a little extra support. So we decided to give you a quick guide to a DIY Seat Cushion that is affordable and will make you look like a crafty allstar!

    Step 1: Get all materials together



    • Poly Fill or Poly Foam *make sure to measure the seat width of your rocker so you know what size to get
    • Scissors
    • Heat -n- Bond or Stitch Witchery
    • Hot Glue Gun
    • 1 Yard Fabric (outdoor or indoor)
    • Pencil

    *Note: Don’t forget to check the clearance aisle at your favorite fabric store for the best deals on fabric. Also, a lot of craft supply stores and fabric stores offer online coupons so make sure you check those out.

    Step 2: Prepare Fabric

    Chevron-Fabric foam-in-fabric

    Center your Poly Foam Square in the center of your fabric and wrap the foam with the fabric like you are wrapping a present. Start by folding the width of the fabric towards the center and then folding in the sides.

    Step 3: Glue or Bond

    Wrapping-Fabric folding-sides-of-fabric

    As you begin to fold the fabric into place over the foam, glue or use a bonding agent like Heat -n- Bond to secure the fabric together. Cut off any excess fabric on the sides to prevent bunching.

    Step 4: Enjoy

    Finished-No-Sew-Seat-Cushion DIY-Seat-Cushion

    And there you have it. Your own no-sew seat cushion for your favorite All-American Rocker. Place on the seat and enjoy!

    This is a quick and easy way to dress up your rocking chair to coordinate with seasonal decor.

  • As Southern as Sweet Tea and Pecan Pie

    Enjoy life the Southern way.Dixie Seating Company has been making fine, American seating since 1931. We are located in the heartland of the furniture capital, right smack in the Piedmont of North Carolina. We like to think that rocking chairs are the symbol of hospitality. There really isn't anything like relaxing into a big rocker on the front porch and listening to the world go on around you. In fact, you can find our rockers being used at  welcome centers like the Jim Beam Distillery for just that reason. Since we know a thing or two about Southern hospitality, we thought we would offer up a few tips. If you ever find yourself south of the Mason-Dixon line, these will come in handy.


    When in Doubt, Wave

    This might be far fetched for our neighbors up North, but down here, we wave....at everyone. If you pass by someone on the road and they start waving at you, just smile, give a slight nod of the head and then wave back. You might even discover that this can make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. If you like that feeling, repeat the action as often as you want.


    251789_iced_tea     Sip Slowly

    We have to move a little more slowly down here, mainly because of the heat. But there is something to be said for taking the time to sit back, relax and reflect on the simplicity of life. So, no matter what your drink of choice (Sweat Tea or Mint Julep), sip slow and enjoy.


        Everything Starts With “The”

    If you are looking for directions, make sure you place a “the” in front of whichever establishment you are looking for. For example Walmart becomes “The Walmart” or BP might become “The BP.”


    Macaroni and Cheese Is a Vegetable1023239_macaroni

    Just go ahead and wrap your mind around this, but it is true. You might find yourself at a restaurant choosing from a selection of side vegetables that include mashed potatoes, hash brown casserole, and this cheesy delight. Down here a salad is an appetizer, not a meal!

    There you have it. A few tips on kicking it Southern style. If you ever find yourself down South, stop in! We’ll pour you a glass of sweet tea and shoot the breeze.

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