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Got questions? We have answers. Check out our knowledge center page to review information on FAQs, Product Care, Assembly Information as well as Warranty and Returns. At Dixie Seating Company, we believe in providing quality products and top-notch customer service. Our resource center is here help you become a knowledgeable customer so that we can better serve you.

Commercial and Wholesale Information

We feature our top-selling commercial products for the following businesses: Camps, Restaurants and Hospitality Industry. Under each category page you can view detailed inforation about these featured products, download line sheets and request a quote. To view our full-line of commercial and wholesale products please sign-up for a commercial account. 

After signing up with a commercial account, you will be able to view commercial and wholesale pricing as well as buy directly online. 

If you want to view our full-line of products without signing up for a commercial account. You can do that by shopping uder the "For the Home" tab. Please note that the price listed in this section is for consumers online and does not show you comemercial and wholesale pricing. You must sign-up for a commercial account in order to view that pricing structure. 

Shipping  Information


The best part about shopping online is recieving your package! Learn more about our shipping process and the proper steps to recieving a shipment. 

Product Assembly Information


Did you order a Ready to Assemble (RTA) rocking chair or porch swing? Check out our assembly instructions and videos to make the assembly process a little easier. We are currently phasing in a new and improved format for the RTA (Ready to Assemble) Rocking Chairs with a new set of instructions on how to assemble the product. As we begin this process you may still receive an original RTA Rocking Chair. Please refer to the original and the new assembly guides to ensure you have the correct set of instructions for your RTA rocking chair.

Click Here for  Page 1 of Original Rocker Assembly Instructions. 

Click Here for Page 2 of  Original Rocker Assembly Insructions.

Click Here for Page 1 of the New Rocker Assembly Instructions

Click Here for Page 2 of the New Rocker Assembly Instructions

Click Here for New RTA Assembly Instructional Video


Keep your Dixie Seating Company furniture looking great for years. Learn more about how to maintain and care for your furniture. 

Dixie Seating Company stands behind every piece of furniture that leaves our warehouse. Learn more about our Warranty and Returns policies. 

 Contact Dixie Seating Company. 
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