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DIY – Christmas Tablescape Decor

It’s the beginning of December and Christmas is just a few weeks away! We patiently waited all through November to honor the Thanksgiving season and as much as we love fall and the fall decor there is just something so magical about the Christmas season that has us bursting with excitement to get out our red and green decor.

DIY Christmas Tablescape Decor

Trends this season for yuletide decor are centering around the dining room, bringing an emphasis to gathering around the table. The idea of bringing friends, family and loved ones together to break bread and share in each other’s love is such a beautiful sentiment to us. Some of our favorite Christmas memories and probably many of yours, are steeped in experiences shared around the dining table. We remember moments of laughter, warm hugs and stolen bites of Christmas cakes before dinner; all wrapped up in that genuine good feeling you get when you are surrounded by the people who love you the most.

We are extremely excited that the dining table is getting to share a little spotlight with the Christmas tree this year and so we put together a little DIY on adding a little spice to your dining chairs and table-top decor this Christmas season.

Put Some Holly in your Jolly

No need to purchase expensive garland, add a touch of green to your space by decorating with Holly branches. These spiky leaves star in many holiday songs but they provide a charming addition to your seasonal decor. For our tablescape, we simply snuck out to the back yard and snipped a few branches. If you don’t have any Holly bushes at your house, check with your local florist on purchasing a few branches or ask a friendly neighbor if they don’t mind you “borrowing” from their bushes. Borrowing from a neighbor? Say thank you by putting together a little Holly branch arrangement or wreath.

Decorate Your Table With Holly

Strands of Berry Garland

There are some traditional decorations that just never go out of style. We particularly love the old-school strings of cranberry garland. To make, you will need a thread (or dental floss), a needle and fresh cranberries. Tie a knot at the end of your thread and use your threaded needle to pierce the center of each cranberry to make a complete string of garland. Make the garland as long as you would like. If you aren’t as interested in using cranberries but love the look, you can purchase berry-inspired garland that is made of wooden beads.

Decorating for Christmas

Berry Inspired Garland

Dining Chair Flair

Bring the whole look together by adding a little holiday flair to your dining chairs. To do this, you will need scissors, Holly branches (or any greenery of your choice) and ribbon. Measure and cut the length of ribbon that you need to tie around the top of your dining chair and make a bow. Make a small, symmetrical arrangement of Holly branches or greenery. Center arrangement at the top panel of your dining chair and tie the ribbon around it and secure with a bow in the center. Fold the ends of your ribbon and snip a little triangle in the center to create a more finished look.

Ladder back Dining Chair

Items Needed for Decorating Your Chair

Decorate Your Dining Chair for Christmas

And there you have it – a simply but cheerfully decorated Christmas dining table! We hope that this Christmas season is full of love, happiness and good tidings for you and your family.

Photos: Laura Sumrak; @laurasumrak

Styling: Studio Cultivate; @studiocultivate

Chairs: Dixie Seating Company; @dixieseatingcompany

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